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The Palouse Driver Education Campaign was established in 2016 in response to significant data showing the frequency of serious injury and fatal crashes along SR 26 and US 195, and the community petitions that followed. According to the US 195 Corridor Crash Analysis Study, the cause of almost 68% fatal crashes were due to one of three factors: most drivers were either distracted, drowsy, or young (inexperienced).
Crash Data Between 2011-2015, there were 1,122 crashes on SR 26 and US 195 combined, including 17 fatal and 24 serious injury crashes.  Of these, 34% involved a distracted driver, 12% involved a drowsy driver, and 54% involved a young driver.
1. Promote Target Zero for our region; achieve zero fatal and serious injury crashes by 2030. 2. Keep Washington State University students, University of Idaho students, local and regional drivers safe throughout the year. 3. Develop community partnerships to share information and improve overall driver safety throughout the region. 4. Educate drivers to improve driving practices along US 195 and SR 26. 5. Improve driving behavior by raising awareness about the dangers of distracted, drowsy, and inexperienced driving.
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SR 26: Dusty
US 195 - Colfax
US-195 @ Uniontown
SR 26: Washtucna @ MP 82.9 (1)
US-195: Spangle
US-195 @ Spangle 4
SR 26: Dusty @ MP 116.9 (1)
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The Palouse RTPO, in partnership with many state and local governments, including Washington State University started this campaign in 2016. Everyday, we strive for safe pathways home for Washington State University and University of Idaho students, as well as our community members by raising awareness and providing resources about the risks of distracted, drowsy, and inexperienced driving through out the year.
Upcoming Events: February 15, 2018, 11:30am- 1:30pm  WSU Booth- CUB April 26, 2018, Time- TBD Springfest WSU More events coming soon… (see our accomplishments from last year)
Educational Events and Resources
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Campaign Partners This public awareness campaign was initially started by the Palouse RTPO and the WSDOT. However, as we moved forward, we partnered with many agencies who play an essential role to save lives within our community:
I-90: Snoqualmie Pass Summit Stevens Pass Summit
I-90 MP 138 Vantage Br. (View West)
I-90: Vantage Bridge
Easton Hill on I-90 @ MP67.4
I-90: Easton Hill
Extreme Weather- ‘How to’ Videos
EAST: Pullman to Moscow, ID
SOUTH: Pullman to Lewiston, ID
WEST: Pullman to Seattle
Farm Rd
SR 26: Othello @ SR 24 Junction
SR 28B MP 3.02 at 9th Street NE
NORTH: Pullman to Spokane
Ellensburg I-90 @ MP 107,53
Denny Creek on I-90 @ MP46.8
I-90: Ellensburg I-90: Denny Creek
I-90: SR 900 Interchange
Hyak on I-90 @ MP55.2
18th Ave S (Near Rainier Ave)
I-90: Issaquah I-90/Hyak Interchange Seattle: Near Rainier Ave
I-90 and US 195
3rd / Washington (Spokane)
US-195/I-90 Interchange Downtown Spokane SR 28: Wenatchee
I-90/US 395 Interchange @ Ritzville (4)
SR 395: Ritzville
Dates with Expected Increase in Traffic: February 17-19, 2018 Presidents’ Day Weekend March 12-16, 2018 WSU Spring Break April 6-8, 2018 WSU Mom’s Weekend April 30-May 4, 2018 WSU Finals Week May 5, 2018 Spring Graduation
Passing Lanes Project
The US 195 Passing Lane project was included in the Connecting Washington funding package to provide additional passing opportunities along this corridor. Additional passing lanes will alleviate the potential for head-on collisions which aligns with the goal of Washington State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries to zero by the year 2030. This project is currently split into two phases. The first phase will construct two of the passing lanes near Colfax beginning August 2017. The second phase will build the remaining four passing, and is scheduled to begin construction in 2018. An additional four passing lanes are planned for US 26. Project completion is anticipated for 2024-2025.
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A public awareness campaign brought to you by the Palouse Regional Transporation Planning Organization